The foundation, as a property mass provided by the founders, will be used for the purpose of realizing a wider interest and for the purpose of achieving the following special goals and tasks:

  • to create spatial, technical and material conditions for work;
  • to publish scientific journals;
  • to affirm science;
  • to encourage scientific work;
  • to collect, type, store and exchange data on donors of cells, tissues and organs;
  • to create and maintain a Macedonian bank for human DNA;
  • to process requests for hematopoietic stem cells from donors in the Republic of Macedonia and those coming from abroad;
  • to coordinate the activities of the Donation Centers, Collection Centers, Transplantation Centers and other entities from the donor registers;
  • to collect and further distribute funds or other forms of donation in accordance with the proclaimed objectives;
  • to carry out other activities related to science.

The SPIROSKI Scientific Foundation, Skopje realizes the goals, rights, interests and assurances for which it was founded, through the acquisition and management of assets and property.